Infinite White Space by Doug Wheeler








American artist Doug Wheeler has created the installation D-N SF 12 PG VI in the courtyard of Venice’s Palazzo Grassi – an infinite space where white lighting removes the sense of depth and perspective.

When entering the gallery only the two rows of stone columns are visible. The other two edges, floor and roof are replaced with what appears to be just brilliant white light. It is unclear how far the white light continues.

“Light becomes matter and redefines space and time by eliminating the perceptual markers of the visitor, who is left between a mirage and reality, nature and artifice, fullness and emptiness, moment and duration,” says the gallery.

If walking far enough into the installation, all objects disappear and only white light surrounds the viewer.

The effect is created inside a reinforced fibreglass shell, which is coated in titanium dioxide paint and illuminated with LEDs. The shell curves up gently from the floor to create two walls and a ceiling. Lighting is used to remove the shadows that would usually give away where the surfaces change direction.

The Illusion of Light exhibition was curated by Caroline Bourgeois and continues until 31 December.

Images are copyright 2014 Doug Wheeler; courtesy of David Zwirner, New York/London.

Story from: Dezeen

Read more: Doug Wheeler



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