Reflets Mirror by Claire Lavabre

Claire Lavabre - Reflet - Sofiliumm01

Claire Lavabre - Reflet - Sofiliumm02

Claire Lavabre - Reflet - Sofiliumm03

Claire Lavabre - Reflet - Sofiliumm04

French designer Claire Lavabre‘s sensible project Reflets Mirror continues to impress.

The Reflet Mirror only works when placed in front of a dark area on a wall.

Claire Lavabre is interested in the formal restitution of a sensible impression. The installation Reflets explores the properties of a surface that is at once transparent and reflective, as with, in the words of the designer, “the reflection of a tree on the surface of a lake or that of a face in a train window “.

Read more: Claire Lavabre


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