Hueso Restaurant by Cadena+Asociados

Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-03 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-07 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-10 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-11 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-12 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-20 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-23  Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-25 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-27 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-24Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-28 Hueso-Restaurant-Mexico-by-Ignacio-Cadena-29


Created inside a 1940’s architectural gem that used to house the studio of Diaz Morales, the restaurant Hueso has a sensible and tranquil atmosphere – even though all the walls are covered by a vast collection of bones!

The name of the restaurant Hueso derives from the spanish word for ‘bone’ and this theme has been taken through everything from the interior decoration to the graphics.

The space is kept in tones of white throughout with only the tables and chairs standing out in golden tones of timber.

Diaz Morales was part of the Luis Barragan Foundation and his incredible modernist studio from the 1940’s is quite breathtaking with it’s exterior cladding consisting of hundreds of hand painted ceramic tiles. The house is located in Lafayette Design District in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Together the exterior and interior are very different yet very balanced not least because of the use of white tones and intricate details throughout.

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Story from: Yellowtrace


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