Aesop Rundle Street by Genesin Studio


Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm07Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm02 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm03 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm04 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm05 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm06  Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm08 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm09 Aesop-Rundle-Street-by-Genesin-Studio-Sofiliumm10

The latest Aesop shop in Adelaide is an airy and serene space that references back to the victorian building in which it is located.

Designed by Australian design office Genesin the skincare products have yet another beautiful outlet shop.

Using blonde Tasmanian oak throughout the herringbone flooring and the organic shaped desk units and clean white walls, the heigh ceiling space has a very earthy feel. Simple shelving systems from solid wood and blackened steel rods adorn the walls and details such as green marble table tops and sinks as well as built in planters with various green fern plants add a richness.

The shop is located at Rundle Street, Adelaide.

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