Cereal Magazine

    Cereal Magazine is a non-advertisement publication aimed to create timeless content to pursuit food & travel – and it’s a pure delight!

Kvadrat Publishes Interwoven

Danish textile company Kvadrat are known for their collaborations with various artists and cultural institutions. Recently Kvadrat published the book Interwoven about the history of the company as well as recent activities.

The Book Club in East London

London’s Book Club has it all; bringing together humor, wisdom and offering a cultural revolution to London’s East End social scene. The Book Club (TBC) is a multi-space which includes an all day bar, club and exhibition space which operates from the early morning hours to late at night. Housed in a slightly retouched Victorian warehouse ((100-106 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, … Continue reading

Le Style by Scheltens and Abbenes

         Le Style, is a limited edition hand bound book featuring a selection of work by Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes. Scheltens & Abbenes are the sum total of the unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist. Having worked together on various projects (and being a couple), … Continue reading

Olafur Eliasson’s Your House Commission

    Olafur Eliasson’s Your House, commissioned by the Library Council of MOMA. The book is a laser-cut negative impression of his house in Copenhagen. Each of the 454 pages individually cut, corresponds to 2.2 cm of the actual house. As readers leaf through the pages, they slowly make their way through the rooms of … Continue reading

All About London – Loveubaby Magazine

I’ve just received the first issue of underground and london-made magazine Loveubaby. Many digital magazines are launching these days, as it’s a simple and cost free media, however this one seems to be of proper quality with articles, illustration, photoshoots and focus on young up-and-coming creative individuals. Behind the magazine stands Simina Turcu and Anna … Continue reading

All About London – The Independent London Store Guide

  I stumbled upon this fabulous new book The Independent London Store Guide that shows the way to all those weird and wonderful gems that only locals would know about otherwise. The book covers more than 600 miles of London and suggests no less than 222 shops to visit. You can’t go wrong with this … Continue reading

Anthology – Third Issue

  The quarterly magazine Anthology just released its third issue. Each issue explores a theme and this issue focus on the notion that life is a party. Among the content are the featured pictures. A read worth while. Behind the magazine stands editor Anh-Minh Le and creative director Meg Mateo Ilasco. In this magazine they’ve introduced a beautifully-assembled … Continue reading

Pop Up of New York by Daisy Lew

These great pop-up books are made by korean New York based designer Daisy Lew. The series of pop-up books are inspired by New York City icons—the Big Apple, the Chrysler Building, yellow cab, and the Statue of Liberty. Each spread visualizes respective icons from the top view while it also represents cityscape from the side … Continue reading

La Puglia in un piatto

The design agency Usopposto have designed La Puglia in un piatto (Apulia on a plate) a cookbook that celebrates the food from one of those regions, Apulia. The cookbook containing 60 recipes that are accompanied by a series of graphic interpretations graphics applied to ceramic plates. Read more: Usopposto