All About London – 69b Shop by Merryn Leslie

  In London’s East End on the popular street Broadway Market lies a little beautiful shop called 69b. Behind the shop stands autralian born stylist and fashion designer Merryn Leslie. 69b launched in January 2011 and showcase contemporary designers and brands that are engaging in sustainability. Merryn moved to London from her native Australia in 1994. … Continue reading

All About London – Loveubaby Magazine

I’ve just received the first issue of underground and london-made magazine Loveubaby. Many digital magazines are launching these days, as it’s a simple and cost free media, however this one seems to be of proper quality with articles, illustration, photoshoots and focus on young up-and-coming creative individuals. Behind the magazine stands Simina Turcu and Anna … Continue reading

Capriole by Iris Van Herpen

Usually it’s only the established couture houses that show at the Paris Couture show. But this year for the Fall-Winter 2011-12 new blood was invited in to stir up the conservative parisian scene. One of the new-comers was Iris Van Herpen, who’s collection Capriole simply thrills our little textile hearts! The craftmanship, creative exploration and use of unusual materials … Continue reading

New Blood//SHOW2011, Antwerp

Niklaus Hodel       Manon Kündig       Manon Kündig       Marius Janusauskas   Anissa Aouar   Claire Michel     Tabitha Osler   Wali Barrech   Sol Alonso   As a part of the Antwerp Fashion ‘Academy”s arising talents show New Blood//SHOW2011, a series of crazy cool pictures of the … Continue reading

Hat Collection by Florian Dovillez

Florian Dovillez’s 50s inspired hat collection presented at Yatzer today has completely taken my breath away! His collection pays tribute to the ”Wig Society”, a phenomenon that’s recently taken by storm the fashion industry and has lately dominated the catwalks. Lady Gaga is a forefrontier of this trend. His pieces are 100% made of real human hair and … Continue reading

Barbie Deconstruction by Margaux Lange

Barbie will celebrate in March 2011 her 52nd birthday. It is a doll, an icon, a collectable piece and above all a much-adorned toy, which represents a girl’s childhood and dreams! Margaux Lange, the New York born jewelry designer revives the plastic doll and everything that incorporates it! Her psychedelic creations make every girl’s Barbie dream … Continue reading

Chanel Sunglasses with a Twist

  For those who need never be without a vanity mirror: Chanel‘s new sunglasses feature a quilted leather panel that opens to reveal a secret mirror compact on the side. Read more: Chanel

The Modern Dandy

What would a modern dandy look like? What would include the wardrobe of someone who while taking infinite pains about his appearance, affects indifference to it, according to the traditional dandy values? Is stoicism and spirituality, always associated to dandies, the only decent way to survive economic crisis? Charles Baudelaire once defined the dandy as the … Continue reading

V.O.W N°2 // Gareth Pugh Pitti 2011 – Film by Ruth Hogben

  Beautiful Gareth Pugh movie by SHOWstudio in collaboration with Ruth Hogben. In tandem with the first public screening as the finale to Florence’s Pitti Immagine #79, SHOWstudio exclusively showcase Gareth Pugh‘s latest collection, specially designed for the event and shown via a unique fashion film created with Ruth Hogben. Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of art and decoration … Continue reading