Camper Store by Studio Makkink & Bey

Dutch designers Studio Makkink & Bey have completed a store for shoe brand Camper in Lyon with staircases that seem to go on forever. The stairs form display stands for shoes and are outlined in bright red to merge with graphics printed onto the walls as though the steps continue. More shoes are displayed on recessed shelving and the highest … Continue reading

Qualto Typeface by Aron Jansco for Gestalten

Qalto flows and leaps like freestyle jazz. Suited as a strong title or headline font, the letters and ligatures are composed of very thin hairlines and very thick elements. This high contrast conveys a stunning visual effect and a unique optical rhythm. Early on, Aron Jancso realized that “some words have good rhythm and others … Continue reading

QLOCKTWO W by Beigert & Funk

Following the success of the QLOCKTWO wall and table clock, Beigert & Funk have now launched the QLOCKTWO W wristwatch. In a square there is a grid of 110 letters. When the stainless steel button is pressed, words light up in unexpected places which describe the time. Whenever you look at your QLOCKTWO W, it´s … Continue reading

Via XX Food Packaging by Cloud Inc

Australian Cloud Inc have designed the packaging for Italian boutique food grosser Via XX. Read more: Cloud Inc

Catalina Fernández Bakery by Anagrama

In the city of San Pedro in the southwestern part of the state of Coahuila in Mexico, Catalina Fernández is baking up a storm of pastries. The popular Catalina Fernández bakery is celebrated for its progressive perception of a pastry shop whilst sustaining traditional recipes. Under the direction of Anagrama, which is the brand agency to introduce in-store design concepts and brand development strategies, … Continue reading

Canteen Tequila Package Design by Kalaidoscope

Canteen Tequila packaging design by US brand design studio Kaleidoscope. It’s been a while since I shared some packaging design with you, but this one was too sexy not to post. When Kaleidoscope was approached to make a new visual identity for the Canteen Tequila brand, they decided to create “a disruptive, retro-cool package design … Continue reading

Le Style by Scheltens and Abbenes

         Le Style, is a limited edition hand bound book featuring a selection of work by Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes. Scheltens & Abbenes are the sum total of the unique talent of a still-life photographer and the creative craftsmanship of an artist. Having worked together on various projects (and being a couple), … Continue reading

ferm LIVING Spring Collection

Couldn’t help but love the colours, patterns and styling of danish lifestyle brand ferm LIVING’s spring collection 2012. The essence of pastel colours meets nordic style. ferm LIVING originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen in 2005. The company came to life after Trine, mostly for fun, decided to … Continue reading

Royal Mail Redesigned Packaging by Bunch and Schober Design

UK based graphic design duo Bunch and Schober Design have redesigned the packaging concept for Royal Mail, UK. They explain, “No matter how old one gets, receiving a letter or a package is one of those small pleasures in life. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of a trip to the post office. Dingy and crowded, and rarely homogenous … Continue reading

Otsuki-Sama Font by Julien Mercier

Swiss-born, Tokyo-based graphic designer Julien Mercier has just released a new font called Otsuki-Sama. Otsuki-Sama is a sophisticated mix between a serif and sans serif font design. I’m loving the very classic yet very contemporary look, that Julien has managed to create. Julien explains, “Its elegant balance between heavy contours and subtle lines gives it … Continue reading