Precious Metal Caddies by Kaikado Tea

130 years old tea company Kaikado pride themselves with their tea caddies or Chazutsu. They’ve been experimenting and using different metals through decades and now have a selection of double-walled caddies that (besides being air tight), can be acquired in a number of different precious metals such as copper, brass, tin and silver. But what’s … Continue reading

Variations on a Kettle

Designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez applies the process of enrichment to entirely industrial, household products. In this series of kettles, he has designed standard industrial components (heating elements, handles…) which define an invariable technical foundation. He has then invited craftsmen to create vessels in miscellaneous shapes: turned ceramic, ABS (plastic). Each piece is unique. Read more: Jean-Baptiste Fastrez

Ready for Summer? Druida BBQ Grill from Mermelada Estudio

Young Spanish designers Mermelada Estudio took influence from the large kettles druids used to prepare their magic spells for their Druida BBQ on display at the Satellite Salone. The Druida has an elegant almost furniture like finish which adds to its appeal. But even more brilliant is the pattern on the actual metal grid where … Continue reading

Papabubble Candy Shop by Yusuke Seki

In his design of the interior for the new Papabubble Candy Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, japanese architect Yusuke Seki sought to create a dynamic retail and exhibition space that would mirror the constant activity and changing atmosphere of the store. The Papabubble storefronts not only sell handmade candy but also serve as exhibition space for its … Continue reading