Norse Chair by Simon Pengelly for Modus

British designer Simon Pengelly was inspired by Scandinavian chair design of the 50’s when he created the Norse Chair for furniture label Modus.

Another Chair by Mathias Hahn

Mathias Hahn has designed Another Chair for british furniture manufactorer Another Country. The manufactorer is known for their very ascetic shaker-like style and Another Chair fits perfectly into the already existing collection. Another Chair combines solid oak with thin plywood shells for a robust but lightweight structure. The oak chair is available in a natural finish … Continue reading


Fossil Lamp by Neil Conley

British designer Neil Conley has designed a dimmable table/pendant light. Fossil is a capsule shaped lamp made of amber glass, that “contains three metal connectors, a filament bulb and a touch sensitive dimmer switch that ‘breathes with you’ whilst you grasp it.”  “Intended as living museum piece, the lamp is a preservation of Thomas Edison’s … Continue reading

Another Country Pottery Series

Another Country Pottery Series

MY03 Hacker by Michael Young

I’m loving Hacker – the newest watch by British industrial designer Michael Young. Hacker deviates from the conventional appearance of a watch, featuring a concave face with a central disk that supports the hands while protecting the lens from the knocks and bumps of an active everyday life. Influenced by the engineering projects that Young has been … Continue reading

Coracle by Benjamin Hubert

We are still quite loving Benjamin Hubert’s Coracle lounge chair for De La Espada that was shown during the London Design Week 2011. Coracle is a hand-woven leather lounge chair with stitched automotive leather and a leather-wrapped steel frame and is inspired by the small ‘coracle’ boats traditionally used in Wales since the Bronze Age, with its … Continue reading