Stolek Chair by Michael Konstantin Wolke

Michael Konstantin Wolke has designed this stackable chair. Called Stolek Chair Michael has used natural materials such as beech and jute, which help reveal the chair’s structure. The back is made from pinned cords that can be used to retighten the fabric when it stretches. Available in Beech Natural and Beech Red, from Wolke’s HerrWolke studio in Berlin. … Continue reading

Purist Chair by Elisa Honkanen

Finish designer Elisa Honkanen has created the Purist Chair. Derived from an experimentation with gravity joints. The chair is made of four wooden bars, a plywood panel, two screws and some neoprene cord. Elisa explains how the chair’s “formlanguage recalls old windsor chairs, being extremely  reduced version of its “ancestors””. Read more: Elisa Honkanen

Yumé Chairs by Jean-Marc Gady

French designer Jean-Marc Gady has designed the Yumé Chair Collection for Perrouin. Perrouin is a family-run manufacturer of chairs that has been operating since 1875 in the brittany town of Le Rheu. Five successive generations have been producing stylish chairs at a pace of over 50,000 a year. This company provides a good example of … Continue reading