Michael Anastassiades for Svenskt Tenn

London-based designer Michael Anastassiades has made a partly limited edition / partly off the shelf collection for swedish label Svenskt Tenn. Svenskt Tenn is mostly know for Josef Franks textiles and products and it is also these that Anastassiades has taken inspiration from in his new collection. Among other things the collection includes the Table Light Flight … Continue reading

Skale by Sarah Böttger

German designer Sarah Böttger has created the clothes storage system Skale. The products were created by scaling the same rectangular shape up and down to create the tubular metal hall stand. “Skale can be what you make of it – a wardrobe, side table, shoe shelf or simply to display your favorite outfit,” explains Böttger. “Its … Continue reading

L / M / N Furniture by Valentin Bussard

Swiss designer Valentin Bussard has created the L / M / N Furniture  – a combination mirror/ coat rack/ shelves that lean against a wall. Bussard explains, “Indeed, this range of furniture can not live alone. They must be supplemented by a wall that will serve as support. Playful and refined, they are designed to be functional, practical … Continue reading