London Design Week: Poly Side Table by Autoban

  The successful Turkish design studio Autoban launched their new side table for De La Espada during London Design Week last week at the Tramshed Event.. The Poly Side Table has multible tabletops in different heights and is made from painted timber and steel. Among other exhibitors at Tramshed was Benjamin Hubert, Søren Rose Studio and … Continue reading

London Design Week: Accessories by Matthew Hilton

  Today saw the start of London Design Week which runs until the 23rd Sept. Among one of the exciting launches was Matthew Hilton‘s new range of accessories for portuguese brand De La Espada. Called Honeycomb, Drop, Cocoon and Industry, the collection consists of 4 elements (candlesticks, tea light holders and small containers) made from … Continue reading

Flower Cup Chair by Leif.designpark

Japanese design studio Leif.designpark have created the Flower Cup Chair for portuguese furniture brand De La Espada. Made from moulded plywood, the chair resembles a flower that has just started to blossom. Leif.designpark, is a Japan-based design studio consisting of Takashi Ueno, Mamoru Naito and Keizaburo Honda, has been designing products in a variety of … Continue reading

Coracle by Benjamin Hubert

We are still quite loving Benjamin Hubert’s Coracle lounge chair for De La Espada that was shown during the London Design Week 2011. Coracle is a hand-woven leather lounge chair with stitched automotive leather and a leather-wrapped steel frame and is inspired by the small ‘coracle’ boats traditionally used in Wales since the Bronze Age, with its … Continue reading

Quarry Pendant by Benjamin Hubert

Benjamin Hubert has designed the Quarry pendant lamps for De La Espada.  The pendants are made from hand-turned carrera marble – a very popular material at the moment – and with this, Benjamin Hubert shows yet again his courage to couple products up with materials one would otherwise never use for in that context. From the designer, … Continue reading

Cargo Chair By Benjamin Hubert

  Benjamin Hubert recently launched the Cargo Chair, manufactured by portuguese brand De La Espada. The chair is made from tensioned automotive leather strapped over a solid ash timber frame. This also makes it easier if the chair is to be exposed, as the materials can be completely divided and recycled. Read more: Benjamin Hubert

Companion Collection by Studioilse

During the London Design Week 2011, Studioilse will launch a new collection called Companions. The collection will be in collaboration with De La Espada and exhibited at Tramshed 2011. The bedside table, crafted in solid walnut, is the first sneak peek to the collection, which will consist of a family of furniture, made to support … Continue reading

Park Avenue Collection by Søren Rose Studio

London Design Week is coming up in less than a month and a bunch of new furniture, lighting and products will be released on this occasion. Scandinavian design firm, Søren Rose Studio will launch the outstanding Park Avenue Collection at Tramshed 2011. Produced in collaboration with De La Espada, the collection consists of nine products … Continue reading