Squat #1 by Dimore Studio, Nilufar Gallery & Balice Hertling

      Three exciting forces have gone together for the concept space Squat #1 in Paris during the annual art fair FIAC 2012. Milanese interior design studio Dimore have teamed forces with Milan based design gallery Nilufar and Paris based art gallery Balice Hertling to create the 350 sqm pop-up apartment situated just above Avenue Victor … Continue reading

London Design Week: VG&P

The british furniture company VG&P or Very Good & Proper launched a number of new designs at Design Junction during London design Week. Among other things were the new anodised metal pendants, small industrial stools and an array of new colours for the successful VG&P Chair. VG&P are among other things well known because of … Continue reading

Bound Mirrors by Grain

Glass, birch and various colours hemp twine are used to create these gorgeous mirrors by Grain. The coloured twine patterns almost resemble a tribal and/or bauhaus like style. Committed to produce environmentally friendly design, Grain has made the Bound Mirrors from Non-Toxic and Rapidly Renewable Materials. The mirror comes in both silver and bronze glass and … Continue reading

CPH Shop: Sacre Coeur

Lifestyle shop Sacre Coeur have just opened a new showroom in central Copenhagen (Vognmagergade 7, 1120 Cph K). The opening was on Saturday 22 Jan and the space is stunning. A calm breathing space off the bustle of the street and surrounded by beautiful, curious and different objects. The owner of Sacre Coeur, Pernille Hell … Continue reading

Aesop Gift Box

Love ’em! Gift packaging designed by Magdalena Czarnecki for australian skincare company Aesop. Simple and clean just like the products and outlets. Read more: Magdalena Czarnecki Read more: Aesop

Studio Violet

Studio Violet is a wonderful collaboration between 2 quirky and talented artists Camilla Engman and Elizabeth Dunker. The studio was set up in 2008 when Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker decided that a mutual project or two was simply not enough. Camilla Engman is a qualified illustrator and graphic designer from HDK, School for Design and … Continue reading

Ballo Toiletbrush

Ballo is a different, amusing and happy toilet brush, designed by Jozeph Forakis for Normann Copenhagen. Ballo wishes you a colourful welcome to your bathroom, and wobbles back and forth, which is where its name comes from; Ballo means “dance” in Italian. The Ballo design arose from playing with the concept of balance. Balance is … Continue reading

Food & Design – Denmark Special 2011

I was just given this great Denmark Special 2011 Magazine on Food & Design yesterday! (Published by World Pictures) Taste the New Nordic Kitchen! Traditionally we have been looking to the south when concerned with quality produce and gastronomy. But something’s cooking in the North right now, that’s worth noticing. FOOD & DESIGN is a … Continue reading

Abella Honey

Lovely packaging of spanish Abella Honey designed by Bonnie Miguel and photographed by Judy Parker. Abella is fine artisan honey produced and estate bottled in Galicia, a naturally and historically rich region of northwestern Spain. “Abella” means bee in Gallego, the language spoken in Galicia, and the name is a tribute to these remarkable creatures … Continue reading

Sprig by Victor Vetterlein

The Sprig lamp by Victor Vetterlein is inspired by the fresh growth of plants. A single Sprig lamp makes a pendant light, while multiple Sprig lamps combined build a floor lamp or a chandelier. Sprig is made of recycled plastic, and the lighting source is a standard compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). The CFL is replaced … Continue reading