Milan 2013: Säilö Container Set by Matti Syrjälä

Celebrating the simplicity of finnish design, this year Matti Syrjälä revealed the Säilö Container Set during Satellite 2013 in Milan.

Milan 2012 Preview: APRIL Tables by Alfredo Häberli

Finnish leading wood design company Nikari has launched the APRIL tables by Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli. APRIL is part of the year-long project 2012 DESIGNS FOR NATURE, which tells about Nikari philosophy and wood design ideology: how they delicately manufacture exquisite quality furniture and products of the local forests’ wood in Fiskars Village. Because number … Continue reading

Birds by Matti Klenell

Matti Klenell is the newest glass designer for finnish glass company Iittala. Klenell has designed two bird families for Iittala: the Harakka (Magpie) family and the Korpi (Deep Forest) family, both with two generations of members. Both families have five members – Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Little Sister, and Baby – each with their own distinctive character and their own story to tell.  His Birds by … Continue reading

Varpunen PVC Bags

    Just picked these up from Finnish blogger Suki from Varpunen. She makes them herself and they are indoor/outdoor PVC-laminated polyester bags with the most gorgeous graphic prints. Read more: Varpunen