Haberdash by Form Us With Love

Swedish design studio Form Us With Love has designed the menswear shop Haberdash in Stockholm. The goods are displayed like in a hardware shop or a tool shed where pegs can be inserted into a grid of holes on the wall like a pegboard. The pegs also support shelves that provide more display space. Further shelving … Continue reading

Form Pendants by Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love have designed the Form Pendant lamps for Design House Stockholm. They describe the story behind the pendants, “The idea behind Form Pendants for Design House Stockholm is simple. Three glass pendants are blown in Bauhaus shapes – a circle, a rectangle and a triangle. They are intended to be grouped as installations, … Continue reading

The Modern Dandy

What would a modern dandy look like? What would include the wardrobe of someone who while taking infinite pains about his appearance, affects indifference to it, according to the traditional dandy values? Is stoicism and spirituality, always associated to dandies, the only decent way to survive economic crisis? Charles Baudelaire once defined the dandy as the … Continue reading