Fabio Novembre at the Triennale Design Museum

Fabio Novembre ‘s new exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan is a play and exploration of colour and chromatic transitions. Novembre says “drawing a rainbow to connect Heaven and Earth in that constant state of human balance we maintain with our feet in the mud and head up in the stars.” The quote … Continue reading

Varpunen PVC Bags

    Just picked these up from Finnish blogger Suki from Varpunen. She makes them herself and they are indoor/outdoor PVC-laminated polyester bags with the most gorgeous graphic prints. Read more: Varpunen

Food Packaging by Ben Huttly

British design student Ben Huttly has designed this fun and functional food packaging. “Through experimentation and innovation I have developed a form of packaging that is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. If the packaging is discarded it will have a positive effect on the environment due to the seed embedded biodegradable paper. The twine used … Continue reading

Seed Bombs

VisuaLingual has made these brilliant Seed Bombs. They are a design studio based in the Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each pouch contains five seed balls made with a mixture of red clay, worm castings, and a specific seed mixture, along with an informational insert. The pouch is muslin with a screenprinted design. Everything is made by hand. The attached … Continue reading

Jason Munn

Jason Munn is a graphic designer that specializes in translating music into illustration. He draws posters for a large number of american artists and has become known as “the Poet of Rock Posters” Jason Munn is originally from Wisconsin but now calls Oakland, California home. Arising from a love of independent music, design, and making … Continue reading

Abella Honey

Lovely packaging of spanish Abella Honey designed by Bonnie Miguel and photographed by Judy Parker. Abella is fine artisan honey produced and estate bottled in Galicia, a naturally and historically rich region of northwestern Spain. “Abella” means bee in Gallego, the language spoken in Galicia, and the name is a tribute to these remarkable creatures … Continue reading