Interior Architecture by Nicolas Schuybroek

Former employee at Vincent Van Duysen, Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek has created quite some stunning projects of his own during the last two years since he started his own studio in Brussels in 2011. Here are a couple of sneak peaks from his portfolio. Read more: Nicolas Schuybroek 

Le Klint Designer’s Winter Home

From her house in the country, danish designer Kim Samson works as a designer for lighting company Le Klint. That is, when she´s not busy herding sheep and raising border collies. Kim´s love of nature shines through in the interiors of her house and you see skins, furs and skulls from various animals everywhere. Read … Continue reading

DIY branch pendant

While scooping through Decor8, I found these pics from a post about making your own branch pendant. They’re produced by their new blogger Anna-Malin Lindgren, who posts small DIY projects from her own home. While the idea was really lovely, I actually got more excited about the gorgeous styling of the pictures which also must be … Continue reading

Bella Italia Weine

Bella Italia Weine is a wine store as well as a restaurant. The owner is a typical warmhearted Sicilian woman. While selling the products of her home country and offering a creative home-style cuisine on an upscale level she transfers the Italian spirit to Germany. “Bella Italia Weine” was run for many years in a … Continue reading