Flower Cup Chair by Leif.designpark

Japanese design studio Leif.designpark have created the Flower Cup Chair for portuguese furniture brand De La Espada. Made from moulded plywood, the chair resembles a flower that has just started to blossom. Leif.designpark, is a Japan-based design studio consisting of Takashi Ueno, Mamoru Naito and Keizaburo Honda, has been designing products in a variety of … Continue reading

Quiet Celebration by Morie Nishimura

Japanese designer Morie Nishimura has created a Quiet Celebration. The double mirror is connected by hinges and can also be free-standing and come in round and squared versions. Nishimura will show the prototypes at Tent London in September during London Design Week. Read more: Morie Nishimura Read more: Tent London

Relation Collection by Hiroomi Tahara

Japanese designer Hiroomi Tahara has recently launched a rattan furniture collection called Relation Collection. The structure is made of fine metal tubes, which give strenght and stability, combined with a surface woven with rattan. This method allows to create extraordinary shapes without molding. Read more: Hiroomi Tahara

The Nendo Collection for Bisazza Bagno

Japanese design studio Nendo has created the Nendo Collection for italien brand Bisazza Bagno. Oki Sato, who is the founder of Nendo, stands behind the range of bathroom furniture that was launched during Milan Design Week. Made from timber and white metal tubes, the collection is light and multi functionel with various interchangeable elements. The … Continue reading

Hako Stools by Yukari Hotta

Hako, Japanese for ‘box’, is quite literal description of the recent product created by a young Tokyo-born Copenhagen-based designer Yukati Hotta. Composed of five separate parts, the beautifully minimalist and quintessentially Japanese Hako is a simple, cushion topped wooden stool which can double as a neat,  ribbon-wrapped storage piece. Hako was presented last month at the Greenhouse exhibition during this year’s edition … Continue reading

Kyusu & Yunomi by 83Design

Japanese design studio 83Design have collaborated with Japanese pottery label Sansuke-yaki. They’ve made the timeless and back-to-basics tea set consisting of the Kyusu teapot and Yunomi teacup. Both come in a natural finish and a green or white lacquer. Read more: 83Design

Graduation and Cube Airvases by Torafu Architects

Japanese studio Torafu Architects present two new versions of their paper containers that can be stretched into bowls or vases for French brand Ligne Roset at this year’s Maison et Objet. The Gradation and Cube patterns are printed on both sides of the paper disks, which are cut so the user can simply pull them into the desired shape. The … Continue reading

Farming-net Collection By Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo have just released news of a new series of objects which they’ve created for the London gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Called the Farming-net Collection, it’s comprised of a number of sculptural objects made by heat-forming agricultural nets ordinarily placed around fruit and vegetables to protect them from harm caused by wind and animals. … Continue reading

‘Thin Black Table’ by Nendo for Cappellini

Originating from the unorthodox ‘Thin Black Lines’ collection, which was organized by Phillips de Pury and shown at the Saatchi Gallery during last year’s edition of London Design Festival, this trompe l’oeil ‘Thin Black Table’ by the Japanese design practice Nendo has now been put into production by design manufacturer Cappellini. Created by the intersection of two offset contours of a cube, the … Continue reading