Yochai Matos Light Installations

Recently came across Tel Aviv based artist Yochai Matos and his stunning light installations.

Scope Clock by Erwin Termaat for LEFF Amsterdam

  Erwin Termaat‘s wall clock Scope mixes aesthetics with function as the 12 fragmented pieces of the clock dial cast shadows that eases navigation. Designed for newly launched dutch label LEFF Amsterdam, Scope plays with light and darkness and changes as you walk past. Scope measures Ø:45cm. Read more: LEFF Amsterdam

Domestic Distractions by Nicholas Folland

Domestic Distractions are light installations created by Nicholas Folland. The Adelaide-born artist hunts down chandeliers where he can find them – op shops, garage sales, and even eBay – to create these staggering installations. Sometimes older pieces aren’t in the best condition, so he rebuilds the lights (but, despite this tinkering, still counts these as “found objects”). The … Continue reading