Objects of Use Exhibition by Maria Bruun & Anne Dorthe Vester

Danish designer Maria Bruun and architect Anne Dorthe Vester have created a number of products that balance on the edge between art, architecture and design. They are currently being shown at Etage Projects under the title Objects of Use.

REFORM Exhibition in Copenhagen

  The exhibition REFORM that showcases young design & craftsmanship just opened at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen.

Stilleliv Containers by Maria Bruun

The Stilleliv containers are both changeable and flexible towards how you want to use them.

Mirrormirror by Maria Bruun

  Danish designer Maria Bruun has created Mirrormirror that plays with the concept of reflection and reply.

Milan 2013: Soft Chair by Maria Bruun

    Young Danish designer Maria Bruun showed the exciting project Soft Chair during Salone del Mobile 2013. The chair works in the cross field between textile and furniture design and uses no less than 300 meters of upholstered rope!

Invader by Maria Bruun

Danish designer Maria Bruun has designed the Invader storage system. Invader consist of a number of modules that fit perfectly into each other. When using them separately, each module has a wonderful character to it and is somewhat a statement piece for your living room. Maria explains, “The light long-legged aesthetic makes us question gravity … Continue reading