Milan 2012: Another Terra

Another Terra / Home Away From Home is a collective exhibition that was shown during Milan Furniture Fair last month. The exhibition presents a series of original works by the designers invited to the annual workshop, part of the IN Residence / Design Dialogues project, that since 2008 has been held in the unique location … Continue reading

Milan 2012 Preview: Matka Vases by Pepe Heykoop

The Matka Vase project is a continuation of Pepe Heykoop’s previous Skin Collection. Having set up a workshop in one of Mumbai’s poorest slum areas, the vases are designed by Pepe and produced in Mumbai. The income from sales are used to send needy children to school in the slums. Matka is the name of … Continue reading

Skin Collection by Pepe Heykoop

Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop has created this collection of furniture called the Skin Collection, by covering an assortment of old chairs in odd scraps of leather. The leather offcuts are roughly stitched together, covering each chair entirely. From the designer: “The leather offcuts are roughly stitched together, covering each chair entirely. This project is fed by leather scrap, turning it into random … Continue reading