Muuto launches HANG AROUND & TOSS AROUND designed by KiBiSi The kitchen utensils combine form, function and craftsmanship. The wooden tools are precisely designed and crafted for a sleek modern look and improved functionality. The innovative extrusion cut in the back of Hang Around lets you work freely in the kitchen, while your utensils hang … Continue reading

Lego-mize your camera

Optio NB1000 is a collaboration model between camera maker PENTAX and nanoblock, the Japanese miniature version of the extremely popular LEGO. It comes with 100+ coordinating color blocks to express yourself creatively and customize your PENTAX according to your taste. The camera can be bought through Nalden, who in order to make it more appealing, even added a Polar … Continue reading

Ballo Toiletbrush

Ballo is a different, amusing and happy toilet brush, designed by Jozeph Forakis for Normann Copenhagen. Ballo wishes you a colourful welcome to your bathroom, and wobbles back and forth, which is where its name comes from; Ballo means “dance” in Italian. The Ballo design arose from playing with the concept of balance. Balance is … Continue reading