Milan 2012 Preview: Matka Vases by Pepe Heykoop

The Matka Vase project is a continuation of Pepe Heykoop’s previous Skin Collection. Having set up a workshop in one of Mumbai’s poorest slum areas, the vases are designed by Pepe and produced in Mumbai. The income from sales are used to send needy children to school in the slums. Matka is the name of … Continue reading

Domestic Distractions by Nicholas Folland

Domestic Distractions are light installations created by Nicholas Folland. The Adelaide-born artist hunts down chandeliers where he can find them – op shops, garage sales, and even eBay – to create these staggering installations. Sometimes older pieces aren’t in the best condition, so he rebuilds the lights (but, despite this tinkering, still counts these as “found objects”). The … Continue reading

Petroglyph Table and Chair by Nucleo

The Petroglyph Table and Chair by Nucleo is made from discarded pieces of plywood of varying lengths. Petroglyph is one of several works that will be on display from Secondome at the first edition of PAD (PAvilion of Art & Design) in New York from November 10th to 14th at Armory Park. Works by Sam Baron, Kiki … Continue reading

Green Chair by Estudio Mariscal

Estudio Mariscal have  designed an “affordable, comfortable, sustainable chair”. Green Chair has a 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable seat. It’s a chair for contract selling or for small budgets, as the material and the manufacturing process are economical. The recycled material means that they are all the same colour, dark grey, but at the … Continue reading

FASTVíNIC by Alfons Tost

FASTVíNIC designed by Alfons Tost Interiorisme, which opened it doors this summer is a new space where fast food meets good, sustainable design in Barcelona. FASTVíNIC is a living homage to that most simple but delicious dish – the sandwich; mouthwatering renditions of which feature on the menu of this sustainable, eco-friendly spot in the Catalan capital.  In … Continue reading