Aesop West Village New York

Clean & simple seem to be the key words for both the products as well as interiors of the Aesop brand. The australian skin product company’s latest shop is located in Manhattan’s West Village and is designed by March Studio. The studio, which is based in Melbourne, wanted to create a way to make the store … Continue reading

SUPPA Sneaker Boutique by Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano

  Shoes are balanced on bolts across a chunky chipboard wall at this Stuttgart shop called SUPPA by designer Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano. A series of boxes create clustered seating and display areas in the centre of the store and are constructed from the same wooden boards with bitumen-coated mats over their surfaces. Light bulbs are attached to bicycle wheels … Continue reading

The Opening Ceremony by Studio Toogood

Studio Toogood run by stylist and designer Faye Toogood has filled a pop-up fashion boutique in London with rubber-coated objects and glass tabletops mounted on piles of industrial fabrics. The Opening Ceremony shop in Covent Garden features tables and chairs by Faye Toogood based on recurring shapes first seen in her Assemblage Collection from 2010. One table has sheets of foam, … Continue reading

Stählemühle Distillery by Philipp Mainzer

Architect Philipp Mainzer directed the restoration of an old mill in Eigeltingen, near the shores of Lake Constance where a new showroom for Stählemühle, a purveyor of award-winning high-quality spirits, was constructed. The restoration features three main programmatic components: the actual distillery, a showroom, and various tasting areas. Perhaps the most striking feature of the project is the … Continue reading

Master Craft Ceramics Store in Tokyo

The recently opened Masters Craft ceramic ware boutique in the basement shopping area of Palace Hotel Tokyo is a study of what the japanese do the best;  the art of minimalism. Everything in this store, including how each individual item is displayed on the shelves and counters, manifests the skill of leaving all else out except what … Continue reading

Martagon by Reiichi Ikeda

Japanese designer Reiichi Ikeda created a spacial installation consisting of a wire mesh box in the middle of a fashion boutique in Osaka. Chain-link fencing has been used for the walls of the box, which is separated into three parts and connected by rounded doorways. Clothes rails have been positioned against the bare brick walls of the … Continue reading

Pop Up Tea Shop by Alan Chu

Brazilian architect Alan Chu’s has designed the newly opened Gourmet Tea Store in Sao Paolo. The shop is somewhat secret to passers by when closed and simply resembles a graphic mural. But when opened the various graphic patterns come apart and each hold shop elements within such as a pantries, kitchen, display cases with more. The large purple … Continue reading

Aesop Shop by Torafu Architects

We have somewhat a weak spot for australian skincare brand Aesop‘s wonderful interiors usually made by a various group of international designers. In the latest shop in Tokyo by Torafu Architects, chunky chipboard surfaces have been sanded and stained to look like marble. A muted brown stain coats the wooden walls and countertops and bottles sit within … Continue reading

Folklore by Danielle and Rob Reid

The North London shop Folklore is a beautiful little rustic gem of a retail spot. Wall panels and shelves are made from reclaimed floorboards and scaffolding planks that add character to the handpicked selection of handmade and antique products on sale. The old floorboards are arranged diagonally behind lengths of rope suspended from metal railings, which support … Continue reading

Haberdash by Form Us With Love

Swedish design studio Form Us With Love has designed the menswear shop Haberdash in Stockholm. The goods are displayed like in a hardware shop or a tool shed where pegs can be inserted into a grid of holes on the wall like a pegboard. The pegs also support shelves that provide more display space. Further shelving … Continue reading