Pepe Marble Mirror by Studio Pepe for Menu

   Milano based multidisciplinary Studio Pepe have created a new mirror for danish lifestyle brand Menu.

Milan 2014: Fragile Gallery by Atelier Mendini & Studio Pepe

  Fragile Gallery is a collaboration between Atelier Mendini and Studio Pepe that showcases vintage and new italian design objects in bold and exciting surroundings.

Decor Codes by Studio Pepe

Milan based Studio Pepe specialize in styling and interiors. Recently they created a series of spaces for Elle Decor Italia called Decor Codes.

Milan 2013: Kora Vases by Studio Pepe for Spotti

Milanese design firm Studio Pepe have created the chromatic vases Kora. Behind the vases lies a study in colour graduations. The chromatic choice draws from a quadricromia (four-colour-process) based elaboration.