New Aesop Shop by Torafu Architects

  Torafu Architects have finished the new Aesop shop in Shibuya where they’ve worked around enhancing the characteristics of a long and slender room with very high ceilings through mirrors and reflections.

Aesop Shop by Torafu Architects

We have somewhat a weak spot for australian skincare brand Aesop‘s wonderful interiors usually made by a various group of international designers. In the latest shop in Tokyo by Torafu Architects, chunky chipboard surfaces have been sanded and stained to look like marble. A muted brown stain coats the wooden walls and countertops and bottles sit within … Continue reading

Koloro Desk & Stools by Torafu Architects

The Koloro Desk & Stools by Torafu Architects is a doll house looking customisable workspace. Koloro is part of Torafu’s Ichiro-iro furniture collection designed for decorative plywood maker Ichiro. Ichiro creates in-house blends for the paints used in its polyester plywood, “demonstrating a consistent dedication to supplying the right color that involves a willingness to custom-tint … Continue reading

Graduation and Cube Airvases by Torafu Architects

Japanese studio Torafu Architects present two new versions of their paper containers that can be stretched into bowls or vases for French brand Ligne Roset at this year’s Maison et Objet. The Gradation and Cube patterns are printed on both sides of the paper disks, which are cut so the user can simply pull them into the desired shape. The … Continue reading