Gothic Chairs by Studio Job for Moooi

Belgian design office Studio Job have created the plastic 16th-century neo-Gothic chair Gothic Chair for Moooi. It is to be launched next week in Milan.

Studio Job says, “We found a magnificent 16th-century neo-Gothic chair in an antique shop and put it on the table at Moooi, proposing that this complex handcrafted archetype be produced by the industrial method of rotational moulding. Studio Job drew up a design that acknowledged all the limitations of rotational moulding without sacrificing the character of the original model.”

Read more: Studio Job

Read more: Moooi

The Gothic Chair was bom lucky right from the beginning. An affordable and functional archetype for indoors and out. Gothic Chair is available in a bright spectrum of 10 colours.”

One Response to “Gothic Chairs by Studio Job for Moooi”
  1. in this chairs are manufactured from plastic material. we think it can used to all hospitals and schools. children’s are like to this chairs.

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