BRUNNER Studio & I just launched BLUSH – a unique lounge chair that aims at stimulating the senses.

Working from the concept of haptic design (design that stimulate the sense of touch), BLUSH has a contrasting and playful appearance that invites the user to explore the materials, construction and comfortability.

I wanted to use contrasts to stimulate and provoke the viewers’ expectations to the chair.

Throughout childhood we collect a mass of tactile (haptic) knowledge through touching, licking, hearing, tasting and smelling, as we cannot yet communicate in any other way. As we learn to talk and write, the haptic knowledge becomes more of an unconscious knowledge that we utilize without knowing it. But if I were to ask you to lick the wooden floor on which you stand, you would know exactly how the texture would feel on your tongue, without actual physical contact. It is this “silent” knowledge that I’m trying to evoke and provoke with the BLUSH Chair.

The chair consists of a faceted hard aluminium shell in which a perforated pattern has been laser-cut. Using a brush binding technique, the holes are upholstered with strips of hand printed felt. This results in a slightly cruel-looking shell with a soft and tactile front upholstery and a pixel-like upholstered back. The contrasts between the shell and the upholstery is to make the viewer uncertain of the tactile experience that he or she is about to encounter when getting in contact with the chair.

The chair is to be a feature piece in a private living room – a narrative jewel for the personal home. The chair is to induce both discussion and bafflement.

Overall BLUSH has a surprisingly austere expression that is softened by the blushing felt loops that flourish across the chair.

BLUSH will be shown at the group exhibition TEMPORARY/CONTEMPORARY at Pakhus 48 in Copenhagen 24 Feb – 9 March 2012.

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