The Opening Ceremony by Studio Toogood

Studio Toogood run by stylist and designer Faye Toogood has filled a pop-up fashion boutique in London with rubber-coated objects and glass tabletops mounted on piles of industrial fabrics.

The Opening Ceremony shop in Covent Garden features tables and chairs by Faye Toogood based on recurring shapes first seen in her Assemblage Collection from 2010.

One table has sheets of foam, carpet and other textured fabrics sandwiched between its glass tabletop and supporting trestles.

Another glass tabletop appears to balance delicately on a foam-stuffed tube, a black sphere and a stack of fabric. An earlier version of this table used stone, brass and sycamore as supports.

Upstairs, a similar table rests on an empty white tube, a skeletal sphere and cube with threaded sides. A white display cabinet also uses thread to create a subtle screen door.

The Spade chair, with its distinctive handle-shaped backrest, has been reproduced in ash wood, and one of the chairs is also coated in rubber.

Rubberised geometric constructions provide an abstract window display.

Read more: Studio Toogood


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