Bloggers Tour Apartment in Stockholm







Bloggertoursthlm-Riikka-004 Bloggertoursthlm-Riikka-008


While gaining more importance within design news and trends,  bloggers are gathering together and creating new and innovative ways of showcasing great design. During Stockholm Furniture Fair a collective of european bloggers had created the Bloggers Tour #1 // Blogger Apartment.

Originally founded by Allan Torp from danish blog Bungalow5, Bloggers Tour is a collective of 9 european top design bloggers that aim to create various events and happenings around design. Among others the collective include Emmas Design Blog, Weekdaycarnival, La Maison D’Anna G and Vosgesparis.

The event in Stockholm was located in a private apartment. In collaboration with fashion brand Fantastic Frank the blog collective had invited a handful of scandinavian design brands and styled the apartment throughout. And the result was a beautiful and cool nordic design heaven.

Hope to see more of these initiatives popping up all over.

Read more: Bloggers Tour



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