Dish Tables by Grain

DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm01 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm03 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm08

DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm02 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm04 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm05 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm09 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm06 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm07 DishTable_Grain_Sofiliumm10 Yet another exciting US design studio Grain have just launched a new collection called Dish Tables.   They are sculptural and ever-changing dependant on which angle you see the tables from because of their rectangular shape of legs. Grain explains, “Taking inspiration from hand carved African stools, a solid wood tabletop with a sloping underbelly is created with a little help from technology. A CNC router is used to cut away the slope under the tabletop as well as to create the sculptural legs.” The tables are built in Pacific Northwest and made from FSC certified solid ash wood and comes both in a dining height as well as a coffee table height. Read more: Grain


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