Ilse Crawford Collection for IKEA

Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm01 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm02 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm03 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm04 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm05 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm06 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm07 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm08 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_sofiliumm09

London based designer Ilse Crawford of StudioIlse recently launched an exciting new collection for Swedish giant IKEA.

Aiming to create products for IKEA’s main line, StudioIlse was asked to design with sustainable materials and with a neutral aesthetics in mind to target customers from all over the world.

The result is a collection of 30 pieces ranging from daybeds, dining tables and stools to woven baskets, glass bottles and ceramics.

Really exciting is the use of sustainable materials such as cork for table tops and lamp bases, cushion upholstery in neutral colours woven from a cotton blend that uses less water in its production and baskets woven from dried seagrass.

Read more: StudioIlse


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