Bar & Co by Joanna Laajisto // Helsinki

Newly opened bistro/coctailbar Bar & Co in Helsinki is pure simple, clean & timeless!

Located in a beautiful Renaissance Revival building in the heart of the city, was designed by  interior architect Joanna Laajisto with one great aspect in mind; to outlive the comings and goings of the trends and styles and last through time as the place you’ll always want to socialize in.

The space contains 4 separate spaces with different themes that are all about the refined and simplistic quality. As you enter the space, a large 6 meter long marble bar greets and invites you for a cocktail. The adjacent ‘butcher’s room‘ with a large butcher’s block island, continues the essence of the ‘precious drinking’ attitude. The next room, which is called ‘the library‘ with comfy sofas and lounge chairs carries on the sense of entertainment but welcomes a more intimate & quieter subject of conversation. By the introduction of small elements like a Persian rug and candles you have the birth of something smoother and closer which is taken to the next level in the final room called ‘the smoking room‘. Here the most intimate atmosphere is created, simply by introducing green wall paneling and built in cabinetry.

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Story from: Yatzer


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