Ronde Pendant by Oliver Schick for Gubi

Gubi_Ronde_pendant_L RustyRedGubi_Ronde_pendant_S


German designer Oliver Schick will be launching a new pendant for danish design house Gubi during Milan Furniture Fair 2013 next month.

Called Ronde the pendant, which comes in two sizes, is simple and functional, iconic yet unobtrusive. It both refers back to the golden age of lighting design in the 1970’s as well as being very contemporary.

Oliver explains about the design, “My aim is to design products with character that are timeless and easy to comprehend. They should be simple in use, in production and even in their idea, without being boring or lifeless. In my opinion the narrative aspect of a product is just as important as its function”.

The pendant is actually made from hand spun aluminium but a super matt finish make the shades look like delicate ceramics.

“We are all surrounded by these “creatures” that we use for our daily needs and it its important that they not only fulfill their technical function but also tell us a small story. It is often only minor changes or unexpected details that are needed to give a product a lively character, which sparks the associations and emotions of the user. But the challenge is always to create the right balance between the use and the effect of the product, without being obtrusive.”

The pendant comes in 5 colours: Matt White, Rusty Red, Pigeon Grey, Anthracite and Charcoal Black.

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