Mirrormirror by Maria Bruun










Danish designer Maria Bruun has created Mirrormirror that plays with the concept of reflection and reply.

The collection of mirrors counts various interpretations that all reflect in different ways. The smallest of the mirrors is without a conventional useful reflection surface. However, the 90-degree angle makes the reflected object and surroundings seem distorted.

The medium and large angle mirrors have a larger reflection surface that also reflects on each other and mirrors the voyeur from different angles. The 90-degree angle still provides a distorted image of the mirrored object.

The circular mirrors calls for uncritical reflection of the voyeur, or moments of self-absorbed  navel-gazing, which provides an uncritical reflection of the mirrored object.

Maria explains, “‘Mirrormirror’ is a design that questions human reflection, or lack thereof. A series of objects that parasites in corners, ceilings, edges and surfaces, reflecting several sides of both the space and the voyeur.”

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