Blood Red Hermes Installation by Studio Toogood











London based design Studio Toogood have created a blood driping red intalation at Hermes flagship store in London.

The studio has worked with components they found while visiting the Hermes workshop. Among other things, the off cuts from leather gloves are used on display in the ground floor of the London Hermes shop. “The piece that caught my eye was a leather off-cut of a signature Hermès bag pattern,” explains founder Faye Toogood. “The hide was a skeleton of the negative shapes left after the pattern cutters had cut the intricate shapes. It was so inspiring to see a person working within such an established house, finding beauty in the unexpected.”

Dripping pigmented resin creates the effect of blood oozing from the display units and garments hanging from meat hooks are tinted darker red to look as though they are smeared with dried blood.

“[Items] are set against drapes assembled from offcuts and remnants of the house’s iconic silk scarves, each dipped in red dye and bound together with scarlet-pigmented resin,” Toogood continues.

Staff wear uniforms of aprons, gloves and hats made from scrapped Hermès leather accessories and scarves, also coloured red to match the decor.

Grey knives, pliers and other equipment that wouldn’t look out of place in an abattoir are mounted on the wall above metal counters.

In the shop windows, neon lights depicting blown-up shapes of tools used to create the brand’s products are set against red curtains.

The installation will remain in place until 7 December.

Read more: Studio Toogood

Story from: Dezeen


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