Duddell’s by Ilse Crawford




Duddells-Hong-Kong-Ilse-Crawford-04   duddells-hk-90-182337_full



Ilse Crawford has created the new restaurant/cocktail bar at Duddell’s in Hong Kong – a gallery space that most of all resembles a private collector’s exhibition space.

The cocktail bar is fitted out with vast amounts of light greyish marble on both walls and floor, splashes of deep green and orange colours, classic keliim rugs and details from black metal and brass. A great example of the eclectic style Ilse Crawford masters so well with new and old being mixed perfectly to create a completely custom feel.

The restaurant has more of a colonial feel with greenery set against the white table cloths and lighting, splashes of yellow upholstery and patinated timber furniture.

The space includes an in-house Michelin-starred chef and a salon serving artisanal cocktails and vintage champagne.

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