All About London – Raymond by David Amar

Israeli born, now London-based designer David Amar is one to watch on the London design scene. His Raymond tables, that are currently being exhibited at the Fumi Gallery, combine industrialism with raw nature. The table is made from recycled timber planks criss-crossed and attached with an industrial clamp device, that also functions as legs.

During the London Design Festival in September there will be several projects from David, among others a commisioned piece at the Bloomberg’s headquarters.

David explains about his work, Inspired by OuLiPo (workshop of potential literature), my work is concerned with understanding and creating design processes, exploring the way an object can be composed according to defined constraints and given sets of rules and principles.

Aiming to examine new typologies of furniture, I developed my own set of ‘object writing’ tools, simple connection systems used to form objects in various different ways, a simile of the formation and arrangement of words into a well-formed sentence or story. Each set of tools enables a range of possibilities, an open system, adjustable according to different environments and spatial requirements.

Combining industrially manufactured tools with found materials, an experimental process of ‘object writing’ composes new bespoke objects.”

Read more: David Amar

Read more: Fumi Gallery




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